What is broadband?
Broadband is defined as an always-on-internet connection that can provide a download speed of ≥ 512 kbps.
What are the advantages of Broadband?
Broadband allows you to complete your task of downloading or uploading large-sized files or multimedia content web pages much faster than a dial-up internet connection, thereby saving your valuable time, and giving you a superior internet experience.
What does an 'always on' connection mean? How do I connect to the internet?
An ‘Always On’ Connection means that you are always connected to the internet. You just have to enter your Username and Password to gain access to the Internet. You don’t need to dial any phone number.
What setup do I need at my residence or office in order to subscribe to Tikona Secured Wireless Broadband service?
Device configuration requirements:

  • PCs / Laptops must have minimum Intel P IV 2 GHz or higher processor and 1 GB RAM – Minimum 2 GB free hard disk space at the time of installation
  • Operating System: Win Vista, Win 7- Ethernet LAN Card / Port (10 / 100BaseT) with TCP / IP support.
  • Browser Options: IE, Mozilla Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome.Kindly ensure that your browser is updated to the latest version available.
    Subscribers can use the service on Wi-Fi enabled devices such as smart phones, tablets, touch pads notebook, etc. These devices must support 802.1X, WPA2 Enterprise security features
When and how should I pay the subscription amount?
The ZR Broadband service bill will have to be paid in advance for all the plans as per the billing period. The subscriber will have to pay by the due date mentioned on the bill to avoid late payment charges.
What happens if I do not pay the Service bill by due date?
Please pay on or before the “Due Date” to avoid temporary suspension of your service and / or late payment charges.
Will I get a signal everywhere in my home for wireless connectivity?
Yes, you can receive our signal throughout your home.

One hot spot instance can support an area of approximately 1000 sq.ft. Please note for large homes, additional hotspots will be required.
Connects multiple PC/Desktops wirelessly Simultaneous log-ins only for single location as per your subscribed plan

Can I change my tariff plan?
You can change your tariff plan as per the migration rules set by the Company. For changing the plan please contact ZR Care on 7382117685 or write an email to
How do I know what is the actual speed of my Broadband service?
You can check the speed of your Broadband service by logging through the speed test icon provided on the dialer or Go to
Can I shift my connection from one location to another location within or across the city?
Service can be provided if our network is available in your new location. Shifting charges will be applicable as per Company policy. You will need to provide your new address proof for installation & billing purpose.
What are the best practices to be adopted by a user while accessing ZR Secured Broadband service?
  • User to ensure that the laptop wireless button is switched ON, incase connecting through @ll Home Secured Wi-Fi Solution
  • Remove proxy settings
  • Change password regularly
  • Do not share your login password with anyone including authorised Tikona representative
  • Logout when you are not expected to use the service for an extended duration
  • If you suspect misuse on your User ID please change your password immediately, and inform us.
Do you provide any online portal to manage my account?
Yes, you can manage your account online through our website (Visit >> Click on My Account >> Enter User ID and Password)
What are the things I can do from my Online Self Care portal?
Online Self Care portal provides facilities, such as:

Subscriber Profile

— Personal Information: Provides the user subscription details such as User ID, address etc
— Service Information: Enables you to view plan details along with any Value Added Service subscribed
— Change Password: Enables you to change password

My Tools

— Session History: Check your session history anytime
— MAC Addresses: Gives information about the MAC IDs registered against your user account & accordingly remove it

Billing and Payments

— Invoice Summary: Shows historical invoice summary. You can also see the last six bills details
— Payment List: Shows historical payment details

Service Request

— View request: Track the status of request/complaints registered with ZR Care

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